Fahren H1 LED Bulbs

Fahren H1 LED Headlight Bulb

Are you looking for quality H1 LED bulbs for your car that provide bright and cool white light? We recommend Fahren H1 LED Bulbs for your vehicle.

Fahren LED H1 Car Bulbs are inexpensive and high quality bulbs that are high in brightness and durability and have received excellent reviews from many car owners.

Best Fahren H1 LED Bulbs

Fahren Forscher H1 LED Bulbs

Fahren Forscher H1 LED lamps have a color temperature of 6500 K, luminous flux of 20 000 lumens, higher brightness of + 300% compared to conventional lamps, and service life of more than 50 000 hours.

Fahren Forscher H1

Fahren Forscher H1 LED Bulbs


  • Lumens: 20,000LM
  • Brightness: + 300%
  • Color temperature: 6500K
  • Service life: more than 50,000 hours
  • Turbofan engine with 12,000 rpm
  • Bulb Type: ‎LED
  • Plug and Play: Yes
  • Waterproof rating: IP 68
  • Voltage ‎12 Volts
  • Wattage ‎60 watts

Fahren H1 LED Bulbs

Fahren H1 LED lamps Advantages

Fahren H1 LED bulbs are used in low- and high-beam headlights, as well as in fog lights. Fahren H1 LED lamps to have many advantages.

One of the advantages is that the temperature of the lamp is several times lower than the incandescent bulb. Thanks to the fact that Fahren H1 LED Bulbs have no filament, they are not afraid of off-road driving, so there is no danger that when you move the filament can break or burn out like an incandescent bulb.

This is why there is no danger of filament tearing or burning out on the road. Fahren H1 LED Bulbs are made of one-piece aircraft aluminum housing, have a unique hollow threaded radiator design, and 12000 rpm turbofan fan, which provides excellent cooling capacity, which ensures a longer service life of up to 50,000 hours.

When you install a Fahren H1 led bulb in your car, you save yourself from frequent bulb changes, which saves your budget. A big plus is that the led bulbs Fahren H1 consume a low amount of energy, about 6 times less than incandescent bulbs.

Today, the most powerful lamp with the Fahren H1 socket is superior in brightness not only to halogen lamps but also to xenon lamps. When replacing the incandescent bulb with a Fahren H1 LED bulb, the load on the battery and the generator is reduced.

Fahten H1 LED Bulbs

How to choose an H1 LED bulb?

The optics of each car has unique constructive features: type of socket, headlight, size. If you want to choose an LED bulb to replace a halogen bulb, you need to know the type of socket. It is listed in the manual for your car. You can also use a bulb selection service. To do this, you can simply type “find a headlamp for your car” into the search box.

If your car uses an H1 bulb, we recommend using Fahren H1 LED bulbs.

What to look for when choosing an H1 bulb?

When buying a LED H1 bulb, you need to pay attention to the main characteristics of the head bulbs for your vehicle:

  • Maximum power of the H1 bulb (measured in watts)
  • Maximum current of the H1 bulb (measured in A)
  • Maximum luminous flux of the H1 bulb (measured in lm)
  • Color temperature of H1 bulb (measured in K)
  • Lifetime of H1 bulbs (measured in hours)

Maximum wattage of H1 bulbs

This value does not indicate the brightness of the bulb but the amount of electricity consumed per unit time. The vast majority of H1 car lamps are powered by 9-32 volts, but the optimal voltage is 12 volts. There is no point in using lamps with too powerful diodes. The higher the quality of the diode design, the higher its efficiency. This means that even at medium power they will shine quite brightly. The total power of all electrical appliances in the car determines the total load on the generator and battery. That is why it is better not to install lamps with very different wattage from the regular ones: overloading of the car electrical system is not always without consequences. As practice shows, the optimum power of lens optics is 40-60 W.

Maximum luminous flux of H1 bulbs

The main unit of the brightness of LED light bulbs, which measures the brightness of their radiation is the lumen. A lumen is a unit of luminous flux, used to indicate the brightness of the lamp. Lumens represent the amount of luminous flux distributed by any light source.

  • At 8000 lumens (medium intensity) the road is illuminated for 600-700 meters in a straight line.
  • Lamps with 10,000 lumens (high intensity) illuminate the road almost as well as daylight.

The color temperature of the H1 bulbs

The light temperature of an LED H1 bulb is one of the most important indicators for automobile lamps. It represents the proportion of yellow and blue in the luminous flux. The more yellow in the lamp, the lower the light temperature, the bluer in the lamp, the higher the light temperature.

The most comfortable light for the eyes is similar to sunlight. It is pure white light without pronounced shades, which corresponds to a range of 5000-6500 K (Kelvin).

The service life of H1 bulbs

Most LED headlights have a lifespan of 30,000 to 50,000 hours, compared to halogen headlights, which typically last 6,000 hours. The best LED headlights with a 30,000-hour warranty last about three years thanks to the cooling fan included. Lamps whose manufacturers promise to maintain performance up to 50,000 operating hours usually last at least six years, but they are hard to find.